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Swan Inn, 78 High Street East


Swan Inn


Swan Inn


Built on the Clover Field by Charles Band a labourer in 1837, it soon became a beerhouse and he applied many times unsuccessfully from 1840 onwards for the better alehouse licence

. In the 1851 Census he was aged 62 a beer seller with wife Betty and son John as a servant.

In 1862 when it was put up for sale by auction it was called the Swan Inn and had a stable, brewhouse and yard. It did not appear to have any takers as Henry Band was still shown as the owner when the registers began in 1869.

He no doubt leased it to William Barber in 1862 who called it the Swan with Two Necks.

Three years later in 1865 Josiah Barlow "begs to inform his friends that he has opened the Swan Inn to fine sparkling ales, porter and cordials of the finest quality", he also applied for an alehouse licence in 1866 but was refused.

It was bought by Boddington's Brewery in 1888 and a Wine Licence added ten years later.

In 1909 it was referred for Compensation, its licence was not renewed and expired on 29th December 1909.


Charles Band 1837-                                                 Walter Sharp 1894
Betty Band 1855                                                 Directory John Howard 1894-1897
Henry Band -1862                                                 Moses Lowe 1897-1898
Joshua Bunting 1862                                                 James Joule 1898
William Barber 1862-1865                                                 Jonathan Kershaw 1898-1901
Josiah Barlow 1865-1870                                                 Henry Chadwick 1901-1902
John H. Longden 1870-1873                                                 Patrick Connor 1902-1903
William H. Boardman 1873-1875                                       George F. Howard 1903-1904
Edward Slater 1875                                                 Eliza Ann Howard 1904
Samuel Slack 1875-1885                                                 James Turner 1904-1905
John Pemberton 1885-1893                                                 Walter H. Biggins 1905-1907
Lot Pickford 1893-1894                                                 Joseph A. Wood 1907-1909

It is now a modern computor repair and sales shop


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