Storm Items In Brief


Wednesday mid-day, June 18th, 1930, a thunderstorm of terrifying intensity broke over the Glossopdale, Rowarth and New Mills area.

Howard Park, Glossop, suffered severely from floods pouring down the Heath Fields, bringing with it large quantities of stone and gravel, obliterating lawn and laid out flower beds. Paths were cut up and destroyed. The "Mayoral" flower bed was completely ruined.

Woods Mill, Glossop. The lower weaving sheds were flooded.

Glossop Gasworks caught the flood coming down Arundel Street. The engine house was flooded, causing the stoppage of certain processes for several hours.

Arundel Street was torn up by a rushing torrent.

Plight of a newly married couple. At the bottom of St Mary's Road the house of a newly married couple was flooded, and their new furnishing suffered much damage.

High Street West, Glossop. The whole of High Street West was flooded, and many shops and cottages suffered flood damage in their lower rooms.

Glossop Electricity Works was flooded, damping the boiler fires out, and flooding the flue. The current was cut off from two o'clock until eight o'clock.

Junction, Dinting. A flood sweeping down High Street met the one coming down Primrose Lane at the Junction. The Junction Inn the greengrocer's shop adjoining, and the Co-operative Stores were flooded. By pushing down a portion of the wall on the opposite side of the road much damage was averted. The river rose to an alarming height at this point.

Dinting Viaducts. Owing to a portion of the embankment at Dinting Junction being washed away, trains were not allowed over Dinting Viaducts until an examination by experts had been made.

Rhodes' Hadfield Mill. Here a shed collapsed, several looms were piled one upon the other, and warps in 180 looms had to be cut out. Water in one shed reached the depth of three feet six inches.

Waterside Mill. Much damage was done to the weft, due to flooding in the cop cellar.

Merseyside Mill and River Etherow Bleach works suffered from flood damage.

Back Stitch, Old Glossop. The group of cottages here were inundated. Water rose to a height of the bedrooms. One man rescued several children from the upstairs rooms.

Devil's Elbow, Woodhead Road. The bridge at this dangerous point of the road was partially destroyed.