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Prince of Wales Inn, Milltown

Built in 1852 by William Kelsall a saddler of Old Glossop the first mention of a beerhouse is an advert in a Glossop Record local paper in June 1863 which stated that "Decima Hall was selling up at the Spinners Arms, Milltown and leaving the country".
John Booth took up the offer and moved down from the Drover's Arms in 1864. In the 1871 Census he was also described as a grocer with the pub now called the Prince of Wales, having possibly changed in 1864 when John Booth moved in following the marriage of the Prince of Wales. In a Morris Commercial Directory for 1878 John was also a wholesale agent for George Robert Clayton a brewer of Salford. In 1880 he unsuccessfully applied for an alehouse licence but remained licensee until 1892. He had bought the pub from William Kelsall in 1877 and sold it to Openshaw Brewery in 1903 who took out a new 999year lease in 1921.

It remained a beerhouse until 1960 when a Full Licence was obtained, as with other Openshaw pubs it eventually became a Bass house. It was sold by Bass in 1982 to the Prince of Wales Partnership one of whose members Arthur Banks took out the licence followed a month later by David Hughes. It was bought by Marston Thompson & Evershed in 1984 who in 1986 gave it a complete refurbishment with the provision of dining room and function room upstairs for 40 people.


Decima Hall -1864                                                 William A. Vearl 1949-1951
John Booth 1864-1892                                                 Henry Lees 1951-1953
Peter Pilkington 1892-1894                                                 Albert Weston 1953-1956
Samuel Sidebottom 1894-1897                                                 Richard Brittane 1956-1961
Samuel Stafford 1897-1903                                                 Patricia Horner 1961-1978
Ann Selina Dawson 1903-1905                                                 Jan Rasmus 1978-1982
Thomas White 1905-1907                                                 Arthur Banks 1982
George Knowles 1907                                                 David Hughes 1982-1990
Joseph Wadsworth 1907-1914                                                 Fred Walter Davies 1990-1991
Dan E. Bradbury 1914-1915                                                 John P. Bradley 1991-1994
Walter Brooks 1915-1930                                                 Andrew McKeown 1994-1995
Mary E. Brooks 1930-1931                                                 Jacqueline Roberts 1995-1996
James Plant 1931-1947                                                 Rodney Martin Griffin 1996-
Herman Townsend 1947-1949

Address: Milltown, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8PX

Tel:01457 864679