Oldham Street Now Council Estate



Oldham Street was a row of two up two down properties that were typical of the Old Glossop Street scene.

This area was classed as a small community within the Old Glossop village. It had allotments or small kitchen gardens with hen cotes behind the houses in the shelter of the old disused quarry.

Unfortunately in the 1950's slum clearance era, these properties which could have easily been modernized where demolished to make way for the out of keeping three storey council dwellings

An attempt to mitigate the starkness of the houses was made by the council by use of the original sets from Oldhan Street to be put in the front of these houses as a planning condition in their building.

Again unfortunately Derbyshire County Council bided their time and in 2005 removed these sets with no consultation saying they were dangerous.

The flats at the start of Blackshaw Road had two large ,high driveways built under them to enable further building on the greenfield areas behind them. Fortunately this building has not taken place yet.

Blackshaw Road




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