The Bungalow


This bungalow belongs to Mary Sykes

The Auction Catalogue Details A Bungalow Cottage and a Triangular Plot of Ground bounded on three sides by good roads, and adjacent. to the preceding lot. The cottage is in the occupation of Mr. Taylor (Coachman) under a Tenancy at will, rent free, and the land is in hand.

The lot, which is nicely timbered, is numbered 581 on plan and has an area of about 1 a.1 r. 2p. (1 ­260 acres). Vacant possession on completion of the purchase. The accommodation of the Cottage comprises :­Sitting Room, Living Room, Pantry, Scullery, with Estate Water Supply laid on, Wash House, with copper, Coal House and two Bedrooms.

NOTE­The water supply pipes, which cross the Lot, are reserved from the sale and included with Lot 228, and this Lot is sold subject to rights of access reserved to Lot 228 to the said pipes for the purposes of repairing, maintaining and renewing the said pipes. Drinking Water Supply. See footnote to Lot 228. Below is a copy of a newspaper cutting of the auction when it was sold from the Manor estate