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.Mossey Lea is a lovely area to walk. It was part of the old trail to Sheffield, partly with improved building in stone by by the Romans before it was superseded by the Snake pass.

The remains of our industrial past can be seen on the left hand site at the start of the walk.

The stepping stones to cross shelf brook have now been replaced by a sturdy foot bridge.

The Tanyard building is now a private residence. However it used to provide a steady income for the Old Glossop residents not only by employment in the curing of animal hides but also supplying urine for the process.
The term "Piss poor" came from tanneries through out the north. with locals who saved all their piss in a pot to sell to it to them. The other term" So poor they have not got a pot to piss in" also referred to people who could not afford a piss pot to take their piss to sell.

Opposite the Tanyard at the side of the stream one can just make out the remains of a wooden evangelist church that was built there because the streams water in that area was said to contain healing properties.

It is rumored that the Old Religion stone heads that have been hidden in Old Glossop were found in this area and that our forefathers worshiped in this area.


The old stone barn higher up the path and it area has been destroyed by vandals and uncaring land owners who have left it in a mess.

Behind the barn runs a culvert and goit that supplies the water for the remaining Old Glossop mill ponds. It has been deliberately neglected and diverted in places, with the factory owners hoping to drain the ponds and build houses on them.
The Peak District Park Authority who are supposed to manage this land are not interested in this historical part of our history and have done nothing to help

The trees on the hillside above this goit are the home of a large number of herons.

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